a live action collaborative writing project living in Dystopia

The world of

Zero Sum


They say that we are lucky to be here. They say that we are free. I have not felt free for a long time.

 -Avery Carrison, 26, Registered Expressionist Wright


wright (n);

a) a maker or builder,
b) a person utilizing supernatural forces to practice magic

welcome to Port Haven;

One hundred years ago, the water began to rise.

Amstead, a beautiful country along the coast, began to lose ground to the ocean. It overtook land bridges, made islands of peninsulas, lakes of agricultural land. It was the punishment of a people who, despite all warnings, proceeded like the inevitable future would never come. Instead of adapting to the rising tides, Amstead sought higher ground. They laid seiges and bombs against their northern neighbors, quickly overtaking those countries too small too resist. To this day, they are still locked in aggression with the largest of their northern neighbors, Ossa.

Our story takes place in Port Haven, a city built on the bones of Pravya, the Ossan port city that Amstead destroyed. In pursuit of a new home, fleeing the repercussions of excess, the seat of Amstead’s government has shifted from its drowning home to beautiful Port Haven, focusing its efforts on controlling the Ossan population, bolstering the relocated Amsteadian population, and building what the council has dubbed The Overcity—an entirely new city high above where the water can reach supported by the stone foundation of Pravya’s bedrock.

Port Haven, like all cities across the globe, are powered by Wrights.

For centuries since their discovery in the world, Wrights have been persecuted for fear of their power. Humans have learned to harness Wright utility to accomplish great tasks. Running water, electricity, agriculture, any and all forms of modern innovation and convenience are powered by Wright utility, either directly manipulated by a tasked Wright or run off the storage of their energies. Wright blood has even been utilized to create an addictive recreational drug called Glow that is widely used by Wrights and humans alike.

Amstead glorifies the knowledge of the Expressionists, Wrights who utilize their knowledge and talents to bend the very laws of science. She uses and subjugates Adjuncts, common Wrights who manipulate naturally occurring elements. She actively seeks to eliminate Bloodwrights, Wrights who are inclined to control and manipulate body systems—and traditionally revered as healers and leaders in Ossan communities.

In a world that drowns, who survives?

where do we begin;