a live action collaborative writing project living in Dystopia

The world of

Zero Sum


They say that we are lucky to be here. They say that we are free. I have not felt free for a long time.

 -Avery Carrison, 26, Registered Expressionist Wright


wright (n);

a) a maker or builder,
b) a person utilizing supernatural forces to practice magic

welcome to Port Haven;

It's a normal city. A metropolis by all definitions, but normal. There are suburbs along the outskirts, rich culture and architectural marvels in the heart, theaters and restaurants and all manner of services. Night markets and slums. Bad neighborhoods. Black markets. The city is sprawling.

Just like any other metropolis, Port Haven is home to a diverse population, a melting pot of culture that has yielded remarkable works of literature and art, breakthroughs in education, medicine, and humanitarian effort both domestically and abroad. It has also inspired nationalist backlash. 

Port Haven has its problems, too: wealth distribution, drug addiction, poverty, crime, corruption. 

But Port Haven, like the rest of our world, has Wrights—and that's where things are perhaps less normal.

For centuries since their discovery in our world, Wrights have been persecuted for fear of their power. Humans have learned to harness Wright utility to accomplish great tasks. Running water, electricity, agriculture, any and all forms of modern utility and convenience are powered by Wright utility, either directly manipulated by a tasked Wright or run off the storage of their energies. Wright blood has even been utilized to create an addictive recreational drug called Glow that is widely used by Wrights and humans alike.

In this beautiful city that slowly sinks under the weight of its human cost, what is the next step down?

where do we begin;

Reformulating ♥ We’ll be back with a new synopsis soon!