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016/Some Semblance of Accomplishment

Telos launches a rocket. Alois launches a relationship. … Not like that though, get out of the gutter. For shame.

The clock read -00:30:37.

The meteorologists had said that the weather would hold. The head scientists from each department gathered around a station full of radars transmitting the telemetries of the various fronts that surrounded them; the silent pulses of disseminated information forced machines to print their assessments in convoluted points of data upon long, scroll-like rolls of narrow paper. Wind speed, direction, movement, probability of rain--all forces of nature were evaluated and reduced to a universally understood form: mathematics.

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Alois, Nicolas, Liz, SalNen Chang
011/Trial and Error

After many years of applying a theory with no results, Toska and Alois have a breakthrough.

Toska was already awake when the sun had risen.

Long-limbed and frail, delicate in her own skin, pale grey eyes simply studied the scientist whose bed she sometimes occupied but never really filled. The doctor had always found it difficult to ascertain the necessity of a full range of emotion, a full spectrum of need,

her culpability in the negligence of his biological imperatives,
his fundamental criteria.

Yet in this moment, this quiet platonic moment repeated through all the times they'd existed together, when the sun lit him gently at the hazy dawn, she considered that what she felt for him may have been love.

It was difficult to verify.

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Alois, Liz, Nen, ToskaNen Chang