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Just saw some Trenchants in a black unmarked van jump out in the alley behind my place and snatch up this Ossan lady right off her back porch. Black hood over her head and everything. Damn. I didn’t even know she was a bloodwright, but I guess she’s gotta be since they came for her. I mean, I never saw anything shady happening over there. Anyway. It seemed like overkill, just three hunters ganging up on this woman when she wasn’t even doing anything.

So, if you’ve got a bounty on your head or you’re an unregistered Wright, might wanna make yourself scarce on the block for a while until they clear out. They’re driving back around now. Stay safe.

It’s fucked up.

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Lol...and you’re writing this from the comfort of your centrally heated apartment, powered by the Wright Elementals down in Dorado, on your Expressionist-crafted universal high speed internet. I see you all the time on here bitching about ‘the system’, but you’re happy to benefit from it, just like everyone else. Which is fine. That’s how it’s supposed to be—it’s a good system. Everyone in this world works for their keep some way or another, and if you break the law there are consequences— for anyone. Doesn't matter if you're a Wright or a truck driver. Wrights start showing signs of a Utility, they go down to the registration office and get matched up with the job that their best suited for. Registration keeps everything running smoothly, and it keeps us safe. If you have someone who looks like any regular human but can move around the particles in the street, pull the moisture out of the air, boil body heat into open flames...you want ‘em registered, right, so that you can keep tabs on ‘em and discourage them from using that power to hurt people. Not that they would, but...it’s good having that security. Makes it better for everyone.

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But, shouldn’t wrights be able to choose what they want to do with their lives? And what about Ossan wrights? I don’t think they can get registered, so what are they supposed to do?

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Well, for normal wrights, I don’t see what more of a choice they need—what they do matches with their Utility. If you’re gifted at the piano, don’t you want to make a living in this life by playing the damn piano? It’s just common sense. Wrights who are gifted at manipulating energy between plant matter, of course they should go to work at the Agricultural Center. Because of this system, we ditched risky chance-based farming ages ago, and elemental wrights have gotten to and use their Utilities to pretty much eradicate food deserts in the less arid parts of the country.

And of course fucking bloodwrights can’t get registered. You know how they get their power right? It’s basically human sacrifices. They mutilate people. You can bitch and moan about ‘unfair treatment’ all day long, but I’ve got two beautiful children, and  I can tell you for a FACT that if I see one of those bloodwright fuckers sulking around my neighborhood, I’m calling in a tip. Say what you want about the Trenchants—I’ll be he first one to admit that yeah the work they do is messy, but you gotta think about what they’re dealing with. They’re humans like us on the front lines, going up against gutterslum wrights who can rot their blood, will cut out their own tongues just to mutilate their enemies. You can’t tame that shit. I don’t have a problem with the Ossa. There are plenty of ‘em who aren’t wrights who keep well enough alone—just people coming here trying to make a new life, and I can respect that. But if they’re coming here to start over, they gotta leave that old world blood shit at the door, and it’s easy as hell to just skip on down to the clinic on Gracey Street and they’ll remove the utility from anyone who wants it out for free. They put you on those blockers or whatever, and then you don’t gotta worry about it if you hate being hounded so much. There’s no excuse for keeping it, unless they’re planning on using it, and it’s asinine to decide not to protect the public from it just because you don’t think it’s ‘nice’.

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@amsteadgreatagain0107 that’s all fucking bullshit propaganda you ignorant cunt. what we do is the same as all the other wrights, in its base elements, just facilitated through the body and not through the energy exchange of the natural world or balancing equations like the elementalists and expressionists. it’s the same thing, and we’ve used it for centuries to sew back wounds, heal the sick, and protect our families. We’ve carried the knowledge of it further here from our homeland than you will ever walk around this bullshit city the rest of your miserable life. I don’t figure you get out much—it’s easier to talk all that shit from behind your keyboard than out in the street. Coward.

Getting snatched up by a Trenchant is the same as dead. In our culture, our ‘utility’ as you call it here is what links us to our ancestors. Having it removed is like having the imprint of your mother ripped out from your blood, underneath your cells, your skin. And besides, it not like that’s what the Trenchants actually do—take unregistered wrights to have our utilities removed. that’s rarely what they actual do. They’re a glorified roid rage death squad. My cousin was snatched up by them off the back of her boyfriend’s bike almost a year ago. They beat him so bad he went blind in one eye, and he’s not even a wright. They just left him there in the street after they took her, and no one’s seen her since. If she’s not dead, she’s probably being used as some kind of fucked up energy boost glory hole in the hunter barracks.

So I don’t give a shit about what you think is ‘fair’ and ‘safe’ when this is never going to affect you. Same for you @thatguyupstairs93, since you figured it was serious enough to post about the snatch on here, but still you just watched it happen next door and didn’t do shit to try and stop it. We’re dying out here, and you’re just trying to do something to try and make yourself feel better, but you’re just as complicit as everyone else. Both of you can suck my dick.

And by the way @amsteadgreatagain010 for any of the real shit, you have to generate power from the reactions of your own body. We don’t have any reason to snatch up your pasty ass kids for ‘sacrifices’ or whatever, that’s not how it works. Keep them bitches inside, I don’t want to have to worry about them trying to scribble crayon all over my ride.