a live action collaborative writing project living in Dystopia


What is Ruckus?


Ruckus is a collaborative writing group that seeks to build an active and engaged community around a professionally written and managed character development and world building exercise. You could call it role-playing and you wouldn't be wrong, but we've gone farther than that to present a polished and compelling narrative experience.

Over the course of 18-24 months, we will develop complex characters and embroil them in story lines in an original setting. You are encouraged to join our Discord to watch these stories unfold in real time, discuss it with the community, share your own art and writing, and eventually coordinate to play in the current world with others in our community. Or you can always wait and read the logs here in their edited form when they're posted. 

Our goal is unwavering: we want to create a rich and complex cast of characters to connect to the under-served among us, to give a voice to the stories that we need to tell, and to illustrate the experiences we find difficult to face but could give solidarity to those that find themselves completely alone.

We here at Ruckus sincerely hope that you enjoy what we're bringing to life.


Who is Ruckus?